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Aviva Introduces Ride-Sharing/Uber Coverage

Aviva Introduces Ride-Sharing/Uber Coverage

Aviva Canada has announced coverage for drivers that carry paying passengers in their own vehicles, including ride-sharing and Uber drivers.

Responding to the growing use of ride-sharing services such as Uber and the need for proper coverage, Aviva is the first insurer to introduce coverage to the Canadian market. They are expected to roll out the coverage along with more details in February 2016.

"With ride-sharing on the rise, consumers have new options available to them, however there is a gap in insurance coverage which potentially leaves them without appropriate protection and benefits,” said Greg Somerville, President and CEO of Aviva Canada. “When consumer needs change, we must evolve our insurance solutions to respond."

The coverage will be available for drivers that spend up to 20 hours a week participating in ride-sharing. The cost for the additional coverage will equate to a small portion of the income earned by the driver, calculated using factors such as time spent ride-sharing, area driven and driving record.

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