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Car crashes are the leading cause of death in Canada, and distracted driving now accounts for more fatal car accidents than impaired driving. In honour of National Road Safety Week (May 15-21), we conducted an experiment and challenged one of our brokers and two of our employees to start #UndistractedDriving.

One week. Their cars. No devices. For anyone. Period.

Almost 75% of Canadians admit to distracted driving despite knowing the dangers, resulting in a noticeable increase in claims. Across Canada, we’ve seen a 23% increase in accidents likely caused by distracted driving since 2016. We want to continue to call attention to the severity of this issue, because it’s not getting any better.

The reality is, we all have everything we need right now to start #UndistractedDriving. It’s not as hard as it sounds and simple changes can make all the difference. Join us in our efforts and help get the word out.

What you can do
• Post a picture of how you’re going to start #UndistractedDriving on Instagram and Twitter and tag @AvivaCanada
• Enable the ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature on your smartphone
• Challenge your friends and family to start #UndistractedDriving
Get involved – keep an eye on our social media accounts for videos, tips and stats you can share throughout the week. If you’re not following us on social media, click on the links below.

Information and video provided by our friends at Aviva Canada #UndistractedDriving

With so much on the line... you can't afford to compromise.